Price List

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Automatic Transmission Driving Lessons

Car Lessons

1.0-hour lesson

$ 71

1.5 hours’ lesson

$ 100

2.0 Highway lesson

$ 160

Car Lesson Packages

5 hours

$ 335

10 hours

$ 670

15 hours

$ 1015

20 hours

$ 1,350

30 hours

$ 2,200

Car Lesson Packages / All Included

(Car lessons / Simulated Road Test Lesson, Car rental for Road Test, Road Test Appointment, 5hr Pre-licensing class)
5 hours

$ 515

10 hours

$ 855

15 hours

$ 1195

20 hours

$ 1532

30 hours

$ 2220

A student driver's hands holding the steering wheel.

Road Test Appointment

6-8 weeks (no blackout dates)

$ 25

1-5 weeks (no blackout dates)

$ 80

Weekend (Saturday’s)

$ 150

Car Rental for Road Test

$ 165

Pre-Licensing Class

$ 49

Road Test Package

Car rental for road test, road test appointment, 1Hr simulated road test lesson.

$ 249

Road Test Package All Included

5hr Pre-licensing class, car rental, road test appointment, 1.5Hr simulated road test driving lesson.

$ 320

A smiling father and son standing in front of their car.

Cancellation and Re-scheduling Policy

In the event that client is late 20 minutes or more for lesson, lesson will be automatically cancelled, and client will be responsible for full payment. All Driving Lessons and Pre-Licensing Classes must be cancelled or rescheduled with 48 hours (2 business days) of the class date or full charge will be applied and you will lose the Driving Lesson or Pre-Licensing Class. All Road Test appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled with 72 hours (3 business days) or full charge will be applied. Except for contracts executed by schools licensed by the NYS Education Department and subject to the refund provisions of regulations promulgated by that Department, prepayment for lessons and other services shall be subject to refund as follows:

If the student, having given prior notice of at least 24 hours, withdraws from or discontinues a prepaid course of instruction or series of lessons before completion thereof, or from any other service for which prepayment has been made, or if the school is unable or unwilling to complete such prepaid course of instruction, or series of lessons, or to provide such other prepaid service, all payments made by the student to the school shall be refunded except:

(i) an amount equal to the enrollment fee, if any specified in the contract or expressly receipted for, not to exceed the sum of $10 or 10 percent of the total, whichever is greater, specified cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons; and

(ii) the schools per lesson tuition charge for each lesson already taken by the student which charge shall be determined by dividing the total cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons by the number