US One Driving School

Edvard is hands down the best driving instructor I have had the pleasure to learn from. I went to two well known schools in NYC and I can tell you that Edvard is a superior instructor. He is patient, will break down your mistakes in a detailed manner and instill in you the belief that you will do better. He is always on time which is a major plus. Not only is Edvard a great instructor, he is also respectful, funny and smart. I highly recommend if you are looking for an instructor in NYC, that you arrange to schedule lessons with him because he really is that good. All of the reviews below accurately depict how good he is. On a side note, the actual facility where the driving school is located is spotless, clean and extremely well maintained. I will be taking my road test next week and feel very well prepared thanks to Edvard. I even plan to take more lessons with Edvard once I pass my road test because I am confident that he will prepare me to be an excellent driver.

After extensive research and reading many reviews, I have come across US ONE Driving School and could have not ben happier with my choice! Edvards is extremely patient, thorough and very supportive instructor – thanks to him, I passed the driving test with a perfect score and am one of the more confident women on the road today!

I just passed the road test on the first try and am exhilarated. I hadn’t taken a road test in over 7 years ( and failed it miserably), but after only 5 lessons with US One Driving School, I managed to squeak by on the first attempt! It was amazing how much I was able to improve in a short period of time. I owe that success to Edvards and his highly methodical teaching style. Other instructor’s I’ve had were pretty apathetic, and didn’t really take pride in their work, nor were they willing to really teach me anything valuable. With Edvards, I felt that he was really motivated to program my head with the precise ways to negotiate the road ( and the road test). If you’re looking for an instructor that really cares about applying his/her knowledge and intelligence for the purposes of achieving your goals, then US One Driving School is the ONLY driving school I’ve found that seems to be worth paying for.

US One is the best driving school in NYC! I am a Manhattan lady and lifetime subway rider who hadn’t been behind the wheel in 25 years. Under the expert instruction of Edvards; US One owner, I passed my driving test yesterday on the first try. Edvards is professional, polite, honest but also patient and understanding. Having been a true beginner of a “certain age” with hardly any experience- learning to drive was no small feat. Under Edvards’ calm personalized one-on-one instruction and support; I got real training and finally reached that milestone yesterday. I received my license and now have the confidence and ability to be a safe driver, and that will last a lifetime! The time and reasonable cost of my 20 lessons was an invaluable investment. I am so very fortunate to have chosen US ONE Driving School out of other driving schools in NYC. The whole experience was a “home run”!